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Jobs For Felons and Ex-Cons

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When you come out of prison or jail, you are faced with a long list of difficulties most people never think about.

You want to get a regular job but one that pays enough to live on. You have to find one quickly because parole and probation terms usually require you to get a job. You may even be sentenced to home confinement, so how do you work then? And, who will hire you?

You can never get a job at a major company because the first thing they do is a background check. This immediately limits your options and you can only apply at smaller companies but when they ask what you have been doing for the past few years or if you have any convictions, you have to either lie and hope they can't tell you are lying or tell the truth and face the consequences of "Don't call us and we won't call you"

Now you find you must move down the ladder one more step and you find yourself applying at fast food and similar minimum wage jobs. There goes any chance of finding a decent paying job that you can live off of. This is terrible. Your release terms require you to get a job but your conviction prevents you from getting decent paying jobs you are qualified for. It gets worse when you have a parole officer calling your boss, dropping in to check on you unannounced, it can affect not only your work and how other employees see you but it can prevent you from being hired in the first place or result in you being fired first when the company needs to cut back. Employers simply do not want to deal with you.


There REALLY ARE jobs for felons and ex-cons and those on home-confinement!

Do you have some skills that should get you a job? I know the answer already, if you are here reading this page then you already have basic computer skills so there is one right there. Now how do you turn this into a legitimate job that pays your bills and gets your parole officer off your back?

The answer is a new type of employment where you work at home using your computer, a type of job that will still satisfy almost all parole officers.


There are thousands of small businesses seeking workers to do simple work-at-home jobs.

You may be surprised to find out that there are thousands of jobs posted every day that go unfilled because there are not enough workers available. These are not all high tech jobs or jobs that require a lot of experience in anything. They are simple jobs that you can do using your computer. These jobs are posted on a new type of employment site called a Hire-Me Network site.


I will reveal to you a new trend in online employment where you can take short term jobs for small businesses for a fixed price, do the job on your home computer when you are finished, submit your work online to get paid. I will show you how to access these special job listings where you can do legitimate work online, working when you want, for a price you set.

First, let me say that I am not plugging any get-rich-quick scheme or any assemble-junk-at-home jobs, you do not have to setup any website or sell anything, NO NO NO! All of those offers you see on the Internet for taking surveys, or copying names from the phone book, or re-selling wholesale products from some big warehouse, or promises of being hired by some company in Nigeria that needs you to reship packages, those are all scams. If they worked then everyone would be doing it.

What does work?

The same thing that has worked for thousands of years, a company needs something done so they hire someone to do it. That is the one formula that is proven and you know it works from your own experience.

I am not offering just one job, I am offering a doorway to thousands of available online jobs that most people do not even know about plus some tricks that will put you ahead of everyone else who wants those jobs. These jobs are posted by individual businesses around the world. Some need simple services. For instance, a business in Russia may want an English language version of their webpage but their English is no-so-good so they want to hire you to rewrite their English webpage or product manual and make it sound more American, hey, you don't even have to speak Russian because they speak English but not very well. Another company in the US may want to add a Spanish language option to their voicemail but they do not know how to speak Spanish so they hire someone who can speak Spanish to record their voicemail message. Another company in Canada may want an expert to explain to them how file-sharing services work. Another may want a new logo, a piece of music for their TV commercial, someone with a squeaky voice to make a funny radio commercial, a recipe website may want you to type in recipes for them, or any of thousands of other simple services. You see, there are thousands of companies who need simple jobs completed which can be done remotely by you, at home.


What kind of work is this?

I am talking about remote, work at home type jobs. Not the fake jobs you see on the Internet like those assemble-junk-at-home jobs or copying names from the phone book type jobs, or stuffing envelope jobs, those are all scams. There are no such jobs in existence. There are however many legitimate work at home opportunities where small companies hire you online and pay up-front. These jobs may last a day, a week, or a month. You can work multiple jobs at once if you want or you can take a break or vacation anytime you feel like it. If you only want to work one day a week, you can do it. You have complete control over how much you make and when you work and you never have to go to a job interview again.


Get Your Parole Officer Off Your Back.

Internet jobs are not the oddity they were in the past. It is not unusual for someone to work full time at an Internet job today. Parole officers recognize this and have become more tolerant of such jobs. As long as you can provide proof that you are working on legitimate jobs and that you have an income, any judge or parole officer should be happy with that. All you have to do is print out the job you have worked and show your parole officer your paychecks

There is no single employer, you work for different companies each day or each week, so your parole officer can never cause you any problems at work because none of your employers knows you are even on parole. Your place of work is your home so your parole officer checks on you there and you can show him what jobs you are working on at that time. It is so easy!

These jobs are awarded based on your feedback from past Hire-Me Network jobs and on what you say in the response you send to an employer, not your resume, there are no background checks, no face to face interviews either. It is all done by text messages over the Internet and I will tell you exactly what to say and what not to say to put yourself ahead of others who may apply for the same job.


It worked for Ex-Con John.

No, for obvious reasons John is not his real name but the story is true and it can apply to thousands of others by any name.

John enjoyed hanging out with his friends. His friends enjoyed smoking certain substances and John joined in. It became normal because they did it all the time. John never thought much more about it. John made a friend who could supply his friends but he started acting as the middle man and sold to his friends. This worked pretty well. John charged his friends and made enough to pay for his own 'entertainment' plus made extra money. At least it went well until the new friend was busted. Who did this guy first point the finger at? Right, at John. The police setup a buy and John walked in, took the bait hook-line-and-sinker. When he walked out the door blue and red lights were flashing and he knew his life was about to change forever. After countless court appearances and finally serving three years in the state pen John wanted to leave that old life behind. He had nothing to do with his old friends and wanted to start fresh. He had no place to stay so moved in with his parents again, which was especially embarrassing. Now his parole officer, who was going to be his buddy for two more years, was the one to decide if John was leading the honest life or if he was going back to serve his final two years. Well, John had two skills. He could design websites. It was just something he picked up on his own and he had made some nice looking sites for himself and his friend's band. He also had a good voice and he could speak Spanish as well as English. He did not know how to use either talent. His first thought was to apply for a job at a web design company but those are small firms with one or only a few people so none were hiring. John went to the local radio station but they said they already had voice actors and did not need him. John was out of ideas and beginning to panic. Was he actually going to take a minimum wage job? Fortunately he had a parole officer who was actually looking out for John. His parole officer recommended the Hire-Me Network Course based on John's web design skills. Minutes after finishing the course John responded to a job on one of the Hire-Me Network sites asking for help updating a website. Then twenty minutes later he responded to a job from a company in Canada seeking someone with a good voice to read their English language sales letter so they could put the audio on their voicemail system in Spanish. John knew what to say to the employer and won both jobs. In those few minutes John's life was turned around. He completed the web site update in three days and was paid $500, he completed the voice project in one hour and was paid $75. Suddenly the pressure was off. He realized he could work legitimate jobs and be paid a decent rate plus he could work when he wanted to. It was not very long before John was able to move out of his parent's house.


There are not enough workers to fill the available jobs on Hire-Me Sites.

Employers love to do this because they can hire you for one job and they avoid all the paperwork and expense involved with hiring a full time employee.

WANTED: Felon and Ex-Cons looking to pull their lives together and seeking legitimate employment. Our video course will introduce you to a new type of employment with no background checks.

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There are almost 100,000 jobs listed at this very second which you can apply for online and work online.


Why is no one taking advantage of these sites? They ARE! There are many people using the sites but there are still thousands of jobs that go unfilled every DAY because there are no workers available. Small businesses around the world need little things done and they are desperate to hire you!

I am going to give you a list of job examples but this is by no means a complete list. People need different things every day and ask for almost anything that can be done remotely. Also, don't be scared off even if you think you do not have the skills for these jobs, there is a secret I will reveal after the list that will help you get a job suited to your skills plus I will reveal how you can get marketable skills for even higher paying jobs.

Take a look at these real jobs which were posted and see if you can do any of them. If not, don't worry, there were over 2000 other jobs listed in this one category on the one day I grabbed the screen shot. The same day there were 99,450 jobs available on all the network listings. Click the image to see the sample list of jobs.

Freelance Job Opportunities


Here are some examples showing the jobs that are on Hire-Me Network and the skills needed. You do not have to do ALL of these, just one could keep you as busy as you want to be.


  1. Data Entry - Companies need old catalogs converted to their new website and need you to type in the descriptions, or a recipe site needs you to type in recipes, or a company has a scanned book they need re-formatted so it looks nicer. There are thousands of simple jobs that only require you to type in information or make existing documents look nicer.
  2. Language Translation, can you speak English plus another language? You may have a chance to work as a translator converting ebooks, sales pages, instructions, or software messages to another language, even subtitling movies. Can you speak Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Hebrew, etc plus English? Then someone out there is willing to hire you right now because they need an instruction manual translated into another language or they want a website in another language or they may want a Spanish version of their voice mail system and need you to record it for them because no one at the company speaks Spanish.
  3. Voice Over work, Read Audio Books, websites, Commercials and Radio Spots, record voice mail messages. Can you talk? Then you can do these jobs.
  4. Music – Make background music, introduction music, sound effects and more for others who need music in their radio commercial, their industrial video, or for their software. Can you create music, do you have a band, can you build music on your computer? Then this is an easy job for you.
  5. Writing, write articles, ebooks, sales letters, brochures, and more. If your grammar is good and you can read and write, then you can do this.
  6. Proof-reading and Grammar Correction, help others by giving a fresh set of eyes to their writing.
  7. Graphics – use your skills with Photoshop to produce logos, brochure images, web graphics, touch up photos, and anything graphics related.
  8. Write PC/Mac Software, Programming - If you have computer programming skills, many people need programmers of all skill levels and are anxious to pay you. There are many businesses that need simple programs to convert text files or display information on a CD for customers. They need patches or new features added to existing programs too and they are willing to pay you to do it.
  9. Design websites, PHP websites, MySql and related web needs.
  10. Help others with SEO(search engine optimization, easier than it sounds, we will cover this later)
  11. Flash – If you know how to create flash animations, someone needs you right now
  12. Sales and Marketing – write sales letters, make sales calls, etc.
  13. Legal – If you are a lawyer or paralegal you have a skill other people need.
  14. Logo Design, Brochure Design, Illustration for Books and Sites, Banner Design, Ebook Cover Design.
  15. Video Editing – Someone has an idea for an industrial video, a commercial, or an independent movie, or maybe they just want to make a YouTube video featuring their product but they lack the skills to actually edit for themselves. If you have ever edited a home movie together, then you can do many of the simple editing jobs out there. Suppose a person with a website wants to put up shots of their latest seminar. They have the video but have no idea what to do with the video files. If you have a computer with video editing software, they will pay you to create a short video for their website or possibly to put on DVD. They do not have the skills but you do and they will pay you for it.
  16. Engineering – Do you have a degree in electrical engineering? Many people need help designing simple circuits or products, or troubleshooting existing products, or just help with their homework.
  17. Drawing – can you draw cartoons or decent sketches? Someone may want you to draw a cartoon for their website. They know what they want but do not have the artistic ability to do it. Maybe they want a nice sketch of their new product to show in a brochure. Your drawing skills can be put to good use.
  18. Drafting – Can you create technical drawings? Someone has an idea for a product and they need someone like you to draw it up so they can make a prototype or to file for their patent.
  19. Create hardware designs and prototype – If you know how to make circuit boards then someone out there has an idea but lacks the technical skill to make their idea for a new toy, for a new calculator, or whatever they need into a real product.
  20. Any web related work such as forum posting etc. There are companies that want you to do stealth and viral marketing to promote their new product or their latest viral video and they will pay you to post to message boards. They will pay you to post videos to the major video sites, to promote their service on social networking sites.
  21. Scanning - Do you have an inexpensive image scanner? Many businesses need documents and even books scanned into digital files and are willing to pay you to do it just to save themselves time and trouble.
  22. Burning CD's and DVD's - Some people know how to use the Internet but cannot do simple things like this. They will hire you to make copies for them, to explain to them how to do it, or to make small runs of 50 or 100 disks that they want to distribute to their customers or sales people.
  23. General Help - Some people simply need to ask you some questions. If you know how to sculpt then someone out there needs to sculpt something for a project and they want to ask you questions about how to do it. If you know how to knit, how to hook up a harddrive, how to file for a government program, how to file a trademark, maybe you know how to use Quickbooks(somewhere out there there is someone who needs to use it and can't make heads or tails of where to start), or anything that other people find stressful or complicated, they will pay you to simply answer some questions by email or phone and walk them through the process.
  24. Ghostwriting, Writing articles, eBooks, Manuals - Good writing and English skills - Sometimes a business has a long training manual that they want divided up into short articles, or they want it condensed into a shorter version and will pay you to re-write it. They may want you to write a new instruction sheet, or website content describing their business. These companies already have their notes, they just want you to put it together and organize it. Other companies in Japan or South America may have an English version of their manual or website, but because English is a second language for them, their site is full of obvious errors they want you to fix for them.
  25. Marketing Research - Companies need to do research and small companies simply do not have the extra people to do the work so they hire outside helpers. They may give you a list of 100 websites and ask you to go to each and make notes on what they sell, their top product, the price of a specific item, etc.
  26. Accounting services - Businesses may need help balancing their books or just questions about the best way to manage their books. You should have accounting experience for this one.
  27. Personal Assistant - Busy people may want you to do things they do not have time to do like research the best DVD player, or find and book them a hotel and airfare for a specific date. They will pay you to do simple things that save them time or trouble.
  28. Research - Companies and individuals need to research many things but do not have the time or may not know how to even use their local library. They may want a five page summary on the life of Admiral Dewy, or need to know the origin of the Thigh-Master. You can do the research for them online or at your library then charge them for your time.
  29. Installing Software - Many web companies buy software like shopping cart software, forum software, online auction software, or other packages but are afraid to install it because they are not Linux or Web experienced. If you know how to install web based software, even if you can just follow the instructions, you can find many installation jobs like this.
  30. HTML websites, PHP websites, SEO, Flash Sites - Web design WYSIWYG websites - Everyone is setting up their own websites today but very few actually know how to set it up correctly or even how to design a nice looking site. If you can design websites or if you are just willing to take a 2 hour course to learn, you can start offering web site design services. This is a huge market too.
  31. Voice Over work, Read Audio Books, Commercials and Radio Spots - All you need is Software to record your voice and a decent microphone. A small business owner may want a nice sounding voice on his voice mail system but does not want to use his own because he sounds funny or wants his business to sound like a big company with lots of employees. They will pay you just to record your voice saying their messages and for sending them the audio files.
  32. Graphics - Do you have Photoshop skills? You can create custom graphics for logos, brochures, book covers, anything someone may need. A good author may have just finished a book and now he needs a cover. He knows nothing about cover design and will pay you to design the cover for him. This could mean hundreds of dollars for a cover you design in 3 or 4 hours.
  33. Play Games - Yes, people will pay you to play games. They may want a high ranking character in a certain online game and are willing to pay you to play the game, build up a character, and turn that character over to them. They also may be having trouble in a game and want someone to coach them through it or even to play their character past a difficult point in the game.
  34. 3D modeling - People need modelers or sculptors to re-create items from photos or to sculpt prototype designs from their design drawings.
  35. Flash Animation - Many people want to add flash videos to their site and have no idea how to do it. If you learn how to do it once, you can charge people for this easy task over and over
  36. Sales and Marketing - This can be as simple as going to websites and submitting a company's information to search directories. Many small companies will pay you to go around to major search engines or specialty directories to submit their company information. They will pay you to go to 100 sites just to save themselves time. They will also pay you to write sales letters and brochures or press releases. When you learn the formula for a sales letter or press release, you can easily write them over and over for your new clients.
  37. Legal - Even if you are not a lawyer you can do research for one. You can also offer special services like copyright research if you have a federal library near your house. The US Copyright office charges $150 per hour to do copyright research which means they look up book information in the card catalog. How much would you charge per hour to do the same job if all you had to do was drive to your local federal library? This is an example of a job that you can learn once and repeat over and over for different people.
  38. Any web related work such as forum posting etc. - Some companies simply want people to post their press release to websites that accept press releases or to monitor and post to forums when someone asks about their product.
  39. And more - This is just the short list. Any job that you can do remotely can be found on these websites. New jobs are posted every few minutes on one of these sites and they may need something no one has ever thought of before.



Here is a perfect example of a job that requires no skills other than your ability to use your computer which came straight from the Hire-Me Network. I have already mentioned recipe's and here is why:

Company Seeking Worker To Enter Recipes: I am looking for multiple data entry people who will need to put content up on my food recipe website. They must fit the following requirements:

Good command of English language

You will need to write a single sentence in proper English describing the recipe, something like "I made this chocolate pudding last night for my husband and kids and they just fell in love with it, my daughter even helped with the dishes after".

That's it then. I have 5,000 recipes and am mainly looking for someone who is good in English and has some knowledge about recipes. Because if you don't know much about cooking or have bad English then you won't be able to correctly create the first sentence I mentioned above.

If this is something you can do then please post a message so we may do a test recipe to see your skills. Winning bidders will have more projects every month.


Can you do this job? Sorry, you missed it. That one has already been filled but there are thousands more available and new ones are posted every hour plus the website that posted that job needs more work done every month, they may have a new job request posted now!


Many Opportunities Are Available

I think that you see there are huge numbers of people begging you to work for them, you just never knew where to look for the opportunities until now. The above list is only a sample of the jobs out there and they change every minute. The jobs on the list are real jobs, which were actually copied from our Hire-Me Network partners.

Do you have any of those skills? If not then are you willing to learn just one of them? Then you can work at home and make money on your schedule without having to drive to work ever again.

Even if you do not have these skills, you can often learn the skills easily. I am not talking about taking expensive classes or buying training courses. Many of these skills can be learned from inexpensive training tutorials available on eBay or from free web sites.

These are not complicated jobs either. For instance, someone may want to put a video on their website but all they have is the raw video from their digital camera and they want someone to add a title and cut out the beginning and end. If you know how to do basic video editing, they will be happy to pay you for this simple job. If you don't know how to do video editing, many websites have free tutorials that show you what to do.

You never have to worry about being paid because the money is held in escrow by the website before the work begins. That means the company hiring you pays first. You know the money has been paid before you begin work.

Let your friends know about about this opportunity and you may find that you can work together on many jobs. Keep your knowledge of the Hire-Me network to yourself and you can have your friends working for you! I will show you how to do it. It is easy, you take jobs online, hire your friends to do the jobs for less money, then deliver their work so you do not have to actually do anything.


I am opening my book of secrets to you.

I myself have hired hundreds of people through the Hire-Me network and I can share with you the secrets you need to know in order to be hired. I will reveal what I look for when I pick employees and give you example job responses that you can use to get jobs today.

Just like any other business, there is a certain etiquette to Hire-Me sites. You would never show up for a six figure Wallstreet job in jeans and a t-shirt. That would guarantee you would not be hired. The same is true in the online community. You must know the etiquette on these Hire-Me sites, how to approach employers, the right thing to say and what not to say, how to bid, to get the high paying and fun jobs. I will not only explain how it works but give you examples you can use which allow you to get almost any job you want.


Getting hired is a matter of knowing what the company is looking for and saying the right thing in your job response.

I will tell you the secret phrases you need to use to get hired and to get paid what you want. Many potential workers do things that cause their job request to be ignored by companies. They never realize what they are doing is wrong and assume no one wants to hire them so they quit(which opens the door for you to grab the most desirable jobs). That is why there are almost 100,000 jobs still available. So many potential workers simply do not know how to say the right thing to get the job they want. They do not realize they are violating the etiquette on these sites, saying things that cause their job request to be ignored, and those are the reasons they are not being hired. I want to show you how you CAN be hired and get the jobs others are missing.



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Get Hired in 20 Minutes - Discover the sites where you can pick jobs you want from almost 100,000 available work-at-home jobs, how to get those jobs, how to get paid, and how to keep the buyers coming back to you over and over to give you more money. This is the complete guide that explains how to find work on the Hire-Me Network, lists the top hire-me sites where you want to setup free accounts, how to identify profitable jobs, what to say to make yourself stand out from any other applicants, and how to bid for the job. Basically, everything you need to become an online freelancer.



BONUS: If you sign-up now, I will also include a new course which explains even more about how you can be successful because it reveals the secrets these employers use to decide who they hire.


I have spent a lot of time developing these courses myself plus I have done a great deal of research and included everything I have learned about hiring experts and being hired for online jobs based on my 10+ years using the Hire-Me Network. Now you can use this information to find online jobs that pay top dollar and use it to lock them up so the companies only consider hiring you.

These are the inside secrets of remote workers.

Companies around the world are already reading this book and using my advice to decide who they will or will not hire. Workers now have the advantage of this insider information to jump ahead of other job seekers and grab the high paying, fun jobs first plus you can do it all from home.



This is the most powerful tool you can have if you want to find top paying online jobs.


This course collection contains the secrets about the Hire-Me Network that no one else will tell you. I wrote these books and I researched every page plus I included my own experience in hiring people like you. I give you the benefit of knowing how employers think, what they are really looking for on the Hire-Me Network and how you can tap into that to grab any job you want.



Wait, I have something else that you will be most interested in. Writing is big business. Many small companies need brochures, press releases, eBooks, manuals and even sales letters written. They may not have the confidence or ability to write well so they hire others. Writing, or ghostwriting(when you hire someone to write for you) is a big business.

Here is how you can profit from Ghostwriting.

This eBook explains Ghostwriters go to be hired, how to make a deal with someone who needs a ghostwriter, and how to get the best price. If you are a writer, then you can use this book to find out where to offer your services, how to negotiate, and what buyers are looking for. What more can you ask for? This is it, the answer to your question of how you can sit at home and make money. Write a few pages and get paid for it.



My personal guarantee:


Get a Job Guaranteed!!!!!!!

You may have seen other job sites where they have small print at the bottom which says
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I will give you a guarantee.

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Good Luck with your new career,


Michael Ford, President and CEO, Elite Minds Inc


PS: You may be wondering where I got the 99,450 jobs number. I can assure I did not make it up. I visited my private Hire-Me Network Site and added up the available jobs for the day where I counted 99,450. There were actually over 100,000 jobs available on the one day I checked but I quit counting at 99,450. That is over 100,000 unfilled online, work-at-home jobs.You can tap into this network and pick any of the jobs you want right now.

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